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“…each person must know his own identity, meaning his own talents, capacities, skills, values, responsibilities, etc.” Abraham Maslow

I’m often asked what I do and the ‘elevator speech along the lines of “I help people achieve more and become more than they ever thought possible”, can sometimes leave people with a look of disbelief – no matter how true the statement actually is. There’s actually a lot more fun involved.Unlock-Potential

So today I’m giving you a ‘peek’ behind the scenes at the way that ‘peak’ can be achieved. This is a summation of part of series of articles I wrote for the exclusive Neuro-Semantics elist which goes out to trainers all over the world. In it I’m focussing on just one training – Unleashing Potentials.

Unleashing Potentials was the first of the Self-Actualisation series created by L. Michael Hall PhD., lead developer of Neuro-Semantics. As a side note, I must admit to Unleashing Potentials being my personal favourite training. Despite this training being created first (and it doesn’t really matter what order the trainings are done in, or if you want to do just one of them), it fits naturally after Unleashing Vitality as, after the Vitality training when people are living physically energised lives, the question almost always comes up – what next? And that’s what the Unleashing Potentials course offers; the next stage in human development – the mind-set where there are pretty much no boundaries so you can unleash your highest vision and mission in the world.

This training helps answer some pretty big life questions, such as; “Who am I? What am I here for? What’s my purpose? What is my nature, what are my gifts? What shall I do in life? What could be my legacy?” So participants on this training need to strap themselves in for the ride of a lifetime into their highest natures and best possibilities! Here’s what happens;

After setting the initial frames of mind for the training, then creating a vision and identifying the things holding them back that will be changed over the training; Day 1 of Unleashing Potentials is devoted rising up to the challenge of being the Creator of your own life, your own destiny. Day 1 is ‘The Construct’.

The Construct is about Meaning-making. Knowing that the quality of our meanings determines the quality of our lives, we begin with quality controlling our current meanings then head straight into the ‘Construct Pattern’ where new, more potent meanings are created (a ‘pattern’ is a structured conversation that creates specific mental changes designed to empower people). Then, after practicing the skill of making ‘Infinitely Valued Meanings’, pattern #2 for the day is all about ‘Making it Meaningful’; basically amping up your purpose in life so that you become fully engaged in what you want to achieve.

This course has covered all eventualities and should objections or fears arise, the de-framing pattern ‘Releasing Semantic Reactivity’ takes care of them. The pattern of ‘Meaning Enrichment’ comes next along with more quality controlling. This is a great pattern to leave your participants energised, empowered and excited at the end of the day. Or, the ‘Meaningful to the Core’ pattern will have the same effect and have people leaving on a real high.

As with any training, leaving you on a high at the end of the day is essential. But for this training it’s crucial. Why? Because on Day 2 we step into the fires of the Crucible!


“There is a place where transformation occurs. A place wherein a person can have a deeply significant and life-changing encounter – with themselves. This place is inside the mind of those who are courageous enough to confront themselves. In this place, a person can melt down toxic meanings, thoughts, emotions, ideas and create a new, incredibly life-enhancing way of Being in the world. Are you brave enough to enter The Crucible?”

 In many ways this is quite an intense day – as you may guess when you realise that Day 2 is all about the Crucible of Transformation. Also, the intensity is different from Day 1 where the intensity was in part, from the sheer number of patterns (as many as five!); because the whole of Day 2 is dedicated to just two patterns.

The two patterns central to Day 2 are the Crucible Construction pattern and the Transformation In The Crucible pattern. Why a whole day for just two patterns? Because of the very nature of a crucible. It has to be strong enough to hold the intense psychological ‘heat’ needed to melt down anything that’s put in it so that deep, significant, meaningful change can occur. Paradoxically, though, the Crucible is a rather delicate thing – delicate but immensely strong and powerful. Therefore time is spent exploring the six psychological elements needed to create such a crucible so that these elements can be brought together in precisely the right way; unconditional self-esteem, acceptance, witnessing, responsibility, truth and appreciation. Then, the crucible is actually constructed within the mind. This is a wonderfully hypnotic process which is always deeply personal and incredibly empowering.

The second pattern of the day uses that crucible. First, we explore what can be taken into the crucible; fears, hurts, limits, weaknesses, frustrations, and any other troubling conflicts or emotions that need clearing. Also strengths, potentials, possibilities and wishes that can be enhanced and ‘set free’ in the crucible. This too is an incredibly hypnotic and deeply significant process.

Running both of these patterns takes time, and plenty of time should be allowed! And it’s not just time for the patterns themselves, but for the necessary setting up before, and the settling down and adjustment time needed afterwards. Hence there is plenty of time devoted to them. For me personally, the whole of Day 2 of Unleashing Potentials is a pleasure to witness and to be a part of.

With this kind of transformative power in action, participants are then set to start living in The Zone – making real those deep internal shifts so that life becomes supercharged! And this is what happens on Day 3.


Day 3 of unleashing Potentials has an energy and vitality about it like nothing else. After Day 1 of rising up to become a powerful meaning maker, and Day 2 where the Crucible enables participants to melt down the deeply seated dross that’s been holding them back for years, Day 3 really sets people up to become the architects of their own destiny. Day 3 is ‘The Zone – Actualising Your Highest and Best’.

Now before anyone thinks, “Yeah, but that’s just like Day 3 of Self Leadership”, let me tell you it’s not. There are subtle similarities but very distinct differences too. This is a whole other level. Not only have the two days prior been entirely different in setting up the transformation – the content of the day is also completely different. Day 3 of Unleashing Potentials introduces the ‘Meaning – Performance Axis’ and the 12 key meta-programmes that synthesise meaning and performance – two models that let people ground into real terms their potential. These models of personal excellence are fully explained and understood.

Day 3 has three patterns. The Unleashing Possibilities Pattern hones in on the specific meta-programmes (mental filters) that need stretching in order to make real the potential to be unleashed. This enables real world action to take place.

The Accessing Your Self-Actualisation Optimisation State Pattern is about coalescing meaning and performance and has another model (the Matrix Model) embedded within it, so it covers every aspect of the self.

Personal authenticity is about being true to your real self. And after a ‘self SWOT analysis’ the Actualising Your Real Self Pattern once again synthesises meaning and performance that is unique to the individual and personally authentic.

As I mentioned earlier about Unleashing Potentials, this is definitely my favourite training! To find out more, check out the raining page, or drop me a line at

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