Your Greatest Asset, That if you’re like a lot of People… You May Be Ignoring

Like most people, for years I considered myself as ‘just ordinary’. When life put hurdles in my way, I’d trip and fall every time. Have you ever been tripped up by life, sometimes never to recover? I missed out on a lot. In fact, life got pretty crappy for a lot of years. I just wanted to have the same ‘luck’ and ‘chances’ that others seemed to get. Yet I kept missing out. But that all changed when I found my greatest asset…

What do you think is your greatest asset is?

* Your house?in your head

* Your car?

No, not close yet…

* Your physical health?

* Your career?

* Your education?

Getting warmer… but still, no.

Lots of people think of their assets as ‘things’. Others think of it as the things they can do and the way they live life. And this is a bit closer but still not quite hitting the nail on the head. You see, there’s a difference between ‘human-doing’ and ‘human-being’, and a lot of people confuse the two.

So what’s your greatest asset? Your greatest asset is your mind. It’s your mind that creates mind over matteryour human-beingness. Without your mind you wouldn’t have your health, career or your house and car. Your mind is your most valuable possession. And even if it’s not totally perfect (mine certainly isn’t – I’m ‘Gloriously Fallible’) what you can achieve given the right mindset is incredible – yes, even for mere mortals like us.

You only have to look at the amazingly talented athletes who compete at the Paralympics Games, or 80 year olds who run marathons to know that your body or circumstance doesn’t hold us back. Human beings can achieve almost anything – if they set their mind to it. And not just sporting achievements but academic and creative ones too, check out Prof. Stephen Hawking, Nikola Tesla or Richard Branson.

In Life

So why don’t we all achieve amazing results in life? The only different between Olympic athletes, famous inventors, rich and famous entrepreneurs or anyone else who has achieved true happiness and success; and the ordinary ‘Joe/Jane Boggs’ – is a different mindset. You have the potential to do almost anything.

In Business

The biggest mistake a business can make is to fail to invest in its human capital; to fail in developing peoples’ minds. To quote a corporate trainer colleague, Geoff Wake; “the world is doubling its knowledge in the sciences, technology, engineering and business every 2 – 4 months. It’s never been more critical for business survival to keep pace through regular and relevant training”. Dealing with this ever changing environment takes an effective leadership mindset and resilience, persistence, flexible mindsets for everyone in the company.

But be warned! Your greatest capital is your mind… And your biggest enemy is your mind. Like your car, it can only get you safely, comfortably and efficiently to where you want to be in life if it’s well oiled and running the best it can. Bad breaks, dodgy steering, a poorly running engine are recipes for a breakdown – or even a crash.

So though your greatest asset is your mind, it can also be your biggest enemy. A mind full of blind-spots, limitations and toxic thoughts about yourself, other people, your career, the world, etc. will hold you back big time.

I can help you develop your gift of mind through Neuro-Semantics, Meta-Coaching and NLP. Just drop me a line; Better still, why not learn to drive your mind the best way possible by coming along to “Run Your Brain, Body & Life” – Coaching Essentials It’s happening 28-30 August but you need to get in quick, there are only 12 places available.

And before you do, I have a question… What’s the best way you use to release your awesome innate potential? Is it; Reading? Studying? Meditation? Training? Leave a comment below, I’m curious…

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