What’s your BHAG?

Do you have a BHAG? Do you want one? What will it be? And what will you do in 2015 to take you towards it?

Femke Stuut from the Neuro-Semantic Leadership Team contacted me and asked if some of us on the leadership team would share our vision or inspiration for the New Year. I shared my BHAG within the world Neuro-Semantic community and thought it’d be something a little bit personal I could share with you.

I’ve had my BHAG since 2007 and I feel the more I talk about it the more I’ll commit to it. People often ask me that wonderful coaching question “What do you want?” and I just have to tell them about my BHAG. Mostly, their reaction is a snigger or a disbelieving grin; a dismissive huff… or they look at me like I’m an idiot. But I bring out my BHAG with complete honesty, seriousness, passion and commitment. So I’ll share my BHAG with you, in the hope that you take me seriously.

BHAG1What’s my BHAG? It’s my Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal: Big because its far beyond just my capacity to achieve; hairy because it’s like some lumbering, unkempt Sasquatch that in the modern world needs careful guidance and protection; audacious because it requires daring and a willingness on my part to take some bold risks; and though not really a ‘goal’ in the true sense of the word, it leads to me committing to many smaller goals.

Now, even though it is a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal, I say it with a matter of fact tone. And it’s this;

“I want to change the world”.

Any sniggers? I don’t mind, they never faze me. Of course I’m a realist. I know it’ll never happen in my lifetime. And I’m not looking for glory or to be remembered or famous. I just want to do my little bit with the tools I have at my disposal – namely Meta-Coaching and Neuro-Semantic training – to make this world a better place for future generations.

So here are some details of my BHAG and what I’ll be doing personally in 2015 to contribute towards it…

  • I know I can change one person at a time via coaching or change one person who will go on to transform an entire organisation and everyone in it; so I choose to do the latter via training. In 2015 I’m focussing on Practitioner training and Self-Actualisation trainings. When I revisited Meta-Coach (ACMC) training (for the third time) in 2014, Femke said something that inspired me and that has opened my eyes to more possibilities (and more hard work!) that could lead to my BHAG. She said “I choose to develop Coaches who will then go out and change hundreds of other people” – I like that… there’s vision!
  • I’m currently revising the Practitioner course and developing new ideas for delivering the Self-Actualisation trainings. This is an extremely insightful exercise! I’m putting careful time and planning into it and adding massive value  (talktoalan@optimum-mind.com and I’ll send the brochure)
  • I’ve decided to run Coaching Essentials and Self- Leadership (APG) free for school teachers. And to get the Neuro-Semantic School Project into the education system. If you’re a teacher or involved with schools in any way, drop me a line and I’ll send details, it’s exciting stuff.
  • I’ll be co-training with other Master Trainers at NSTT in Mexico for my continued learning; and speaking at the 3rd Neuro-Semantics Conference in Hong Kong (and hanging out with some really cool peopleJ). Will you be one of those cool people?
  • Create a personal development plan for all aspects of life that fits with my BHAG.

As you’ll imagine, there’s a heck of a lot to do within these few points! But I believe that if every self-developing, growth orientated, caring-beyond-self person has a BHAG of their own, together we can lead the world towards positive change. As a leader among the largest (only) global NLP community I have a network of support and the chance to meet (virtually or face-to-face) with thousands of amazing colleagues, mentors and friends. This is something very unique and special. And any of you are more than welcome to join me… just talktoalan@optimum-mind.com to find out how.

So do you have a BHAG? Do you want one? What will it be? And what will you do in 2015 to take you towards it? Leave a comment below and inspire me with your BHAG. Because I genuinely wish you all the very best and hope you stick with it.

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