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“Coaching Essentials” – Advanced Communication Skills.    This definitive course gives you real skills of running your own brain and coaching those around you to more happiness and joy too – after all, we all want the best for our loved ones and to hang out with cool people.

“Little needs to be said about the skills you’ll learn on this course – other than ground breaking and life changing. I learned this stuff years ago because my life was a complete mess and still I use it every single day. You’ll understand yourself and others in completely new, eye opening ways!” Click to download full PDF: Self-Actualisation trainings. Coaching Essentials

Accessing Personal Genius” – Self Leadership for Life .  The ultimate course in ego strength, emotional management and resilience. Find your ‘Inner Genius’. Stop being distracted by the small stuff and get laser beam focus on your results

“For years I had no real direction in life. I’d tried various jobs, hobbies and stuff but nothing stuck. I had no purpose and was being pushed along by circumstance with no real control over my destiny. I was unfocussed, my life felt boring… like there was ‘something missing’ – but what?

I dreamed of a life of purpose, meaning and excitement! I wanted to be happy, courageous and fulfilled. I wanted to do what I wanted, when I wanted. I wanted to be free from the daily grind….. But how?

When I first experienced Accessing Personal Genius it made all of the ‘theory’ of personal and professional growth ‘come to life’. I revamped my life, started my own business and began directing my life’s course the way I wanted” Click to download full PDF: Self-Actualisation trainings. APG

“The Ultimate Brain-Body Detox” – Unleashing Vitality     Say goodbye to motivation problems forever! Say goodbye to lethargy and tiredness! Say goodbye to procrastination! Say goodbye to diets! Start a physically and mentally Vital and healthy lifestyle.

“I used to procrastinate so badly! I’d forever put things off and no matter how I’d try, nothing worked. Motivation was a real problem and I often felt lethargic and too lazy to do anything much.

I just wanted to be able to get things done easier. I was desperate for more energy and alertness. I knew people who had so much energy and yet they didn’t have fancy exercise regimes or diets. Some people were just chilled out and refreshed whenever I met them no matter how long hours or strenuously they worked. I wanted some of that! What was their secret?

When I first experienced Unleashing Vitality, life became sooo much easier. Since then I never feel unmotivated or procrastinate; if there’s something to do, I do it. My diet improved, time management crystallised, I’m so enthralled by life and learning that I rarely ‘vegetate’ in front of TV. I read more passionately and productively, exercise is not a problem and my mind is constantly moving towards higher ideals – overall, I’m really loving life.” Click to download full PDF: Self-Actualisation trainings. Vitality

“Your Meaning of Life”  – Unleashing Potentials    This course answers that question in mind “what’s it all about – what is my legacy?” Unleash the incredible potentials you have inside. Discover your true and authentic self. This course is not for the weak-willed who are happy to be pawns in the game of life – this course is for those who aspire to be Kings and Queens, movers and shakers who make a real difference in the world.

“I doubted myself a lot. I had done a lot of professional and personal development over the years but always seemed to struggle with making any real progress. Not for lack of skills, direction or motivation, but from not being able to solve the big problems that had dogged me for most of my life. Things like self doubt and keeping myself ‘small’, after all who was I to have ‘ideas above my station’?

I never realised that I could be more, achieve more, create more… I didn’t even realise that I had exactly the same skills, abilities, intelligence as some of the smartest and successful people in the world… Unleashing Potentials was the turning point

When I first experienced Unleashing Potentials it was an epiphany! I recognised unconscious blocks that had been holding me back for years. My self-concept and mindset underwent an amazing, sudden, powerful and dramatic shift. It was the turning point in my professional development where all limitations ceased. Since that time I have never looked back. I’m more aligned with my own Vision and Mission than I’ve ever been”  Click to download full PDF: Self-Actualisation trainings. Potentials

“Creativity & Innovation”    This ain’t no “fluffy’ course! You’ll tap into your creative mind and create incredibly practical results. You’ll identify and solve personal and professional problems and generate highly effective solutions that integrate both giving you the edge where you need it most. Family problems?  Sort that sh#t out and get back to harmony. If you’re an innovator, an entrepreneur or leader of any kind, you (and your management team) definitely need this!

“When I first went to the Creativity and Innovation workshop I took with me a career development problem that had dogged me for almost ten years. You see, I never could really understand the domain of marketing and how it fitted in with business and personal life. It’s a no-brainer for some, but that was my weak spot. But we all have something we constantly struggle with; might be relationships, work, sport, even just home renovations. Problems are everywhere in life and we need clear, strategic, practical thinking to solve them.

I didn’t expect much so was blown away when I came away after just three days with an effective, clear and practical long-term business plan. I now know what the ‘real’ problems were and when I look to the future there is a feeling of stability and certainty. I now know exactly what to do, when, with whom, why and how in order to achieve long-term growth”.                                                       Click to download full PDF: Self-Actualisation trainings. Creativity

“The Passionate & Loved Leader” – Unleashing Leadership    Do you want to make a real difference in the world, to inspire positive change? No matter where, regardless of ‘the economy’? You got it, this is definitely the training you need. Unleashing Leadership is essential training for ‘C suite’ executives, management professionals of all levels and all those involved in creating organisational, community and political change.

“I had a real sense of trepidation when I first attended Unleashing Leadership. Was I up to it? Could I really be a leader? I thought to lead others was to dominate and control them. You see, we’re all required to lead – whether a company, a team or just your family. We all need leadership skills but not many know how or feel good enough to step up to the mark … I needn’t have worried…

I learned that real and effective modern leadership takes a different kind of strength, one much scarier for some… the strength to give power away! Not many leaders are secure enough in themselves to step-up to the task. I wonder are you?

Unleashing Leadership gave me the clarity, confidence and tools to know what kind of leader I am and how to make a real difference in the world. I’ve now got great relationships with family, friends and colleagues”. Click to download full PDF: Self-Actualisation trainings. Leadership

 What people are saying:

“Alan Fayter is a highly informed and conscientious trainer and coach who will start and finish with your best Outcome in mind. He has the exquisite skills to support you in the process of making a transformational change in your personal life and/or in your business. I highly recommend him” – Michael Hall, Ph.D. Developer of Neuro-Semantics
“Alan has a vast experience and knowledge of NLP and Neuro Semantics, and continues to explore and learn more about each, and their applications for managers, business owners, and executives. He has successfully conceptualised these topics and applications with other approaches, leading to exciting new developments of concepts, ideas and business applications.” – Adrian Metcalfe Training & Coaching Professional
 “Alan is brilliant, high energy and very enthusiastic. His passion shines through and he makes learning fun and easy. This course is amazing and so easy to apply to all areas of your life. I can’t wait to get out into the real world to apply my new skills” – Tim Brown – Hypnotist
 “Alan has a unique ability to take a difficult topic and make it fun and achievable to all” –  Mark Empson – Engineer
“Hi Alan, a BIG thanks for a fantastic course on the weekend!  I was pondering the testimonial when I got to work this morning when a colleague looked at me and said “WOW Nicole, you look like a different person, like a new person… pleased to meet you!” and that about sums up how I was feel about it all.   The techniques are powerful and easy to do and I look forward to continuing to apply them as necessary and it’s an exciting thought. Thanks again”Nicole Busbridge (the new me!)   
“Great use of humour. Well presented and professional. Heaps of passion and enthusiasm. Very friendly and encouraging. Top trader!” – Bas
“Alan has a great way of establishing rapport with the group he is training, thus energy of the group.  He gives great ‘real life’ examples we would all associate with, which helped with learning and demonstrated great NLP skills throughout.  I would recommend doing an NLP course or TC course with Alan to anyone who wants to communicate effectively and get more out of life.” – Jane Cowan-Harris, Occupational Therapist
“Over the last two years, I have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed the opportunity of working with Alan on several occasions at NLP Training events around New Zealand. Alan is a rare personality who lives and breathes a truly authentic blend of Neuro-semantics and NLP, teaching these fields with passion, insight and clarity. I have enjoyed my experiences of working with him and would be very happy to do so again in future” Mark Cross – eLearning Development Trainer
 “I’ve known Alan since 2007 and I am honoured to recommend him as a coach to anyone seeking real change in their private or professional life. Alan’s in-depth knowledge of NLP, Neuro-Semantics, Hypnosis and all things related to his passion about human potential is simply astounding. I have the highest respect for him as a trainer, colleague, mentor and friend and will be happy to recommend him, be it in a training or coaching environment”     Barbara – Health Professional

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