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If you look through some of my previous articles you’ll notice a lot of them have varying degrees of overt or covert references to something called ‘Self-Actualisation’… but what the heck does that actually mean? So in this article I’ll give you the brief rundown on what that means and give you one secret of living your life at the peak of your potentials. Think of Self-Actualisation as ‘turbo-charged self-development!

But first, some jargon explained:

  • Self-Actualisation = making the very best version of you ‘come true’. Actually living a life of strength, health, passion, zest, meaning, fun, insight, wisdom, etc.
  • Peak experiences = moments of joy, ecstasy, wonder, ease, rapture, grace, love, bliss, etc.

Does that sound good? Or do you think I’m just ‘pulling your chain’ and talking about something unrealistic? Well, in the words of Abraham Maslow himself; “The self-actualising person is not an ordinary man with something added, but an ordinary man with nothing taken away”. What that means is that Maslow discovered the secret that anyone can live an amazing, awe inspiring life! But Maslow died without leaving a workable model to teach people how to do it. Enter L.Michael Hall, PhD.

When Michael developed the field of Neuro-Semantics, he basically he went back to the roots of positive psychology, brought it all up to date by integrating developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, systems theory, neuroscience, etc. and created a fully integrated, scientifically backed and easily workable system that gives you the power to become more than you can imagine.

In What you REALLY NEED I talk about creating a robust mental foundation. Here I’m going to overview the ‘Four Eyes’ necessary for creating your own Peak experiences. Now, there’s much more to this, in fact on the Unleashing Vitality course we spend all of day 3 on ‘Peaking Skills’. It’s a real buzz!

The ‘Four Eyes’ are ways of looking at a situation, person, or problem that transforms it into an amazing, joyous, (even sacred) experience of personal growth. You’ll get the idea as we practice, but just to name them, the ‘Four Eyes’ are; Four Eyes

  1. The Innocent Eye
  2. The Integrative Eye
  3. The Sacralising Eye
  4. The Transformative Eye

Now, in this short description you’ll probably not get the incredible high that comes from a peak experience (this, and all the prerequisites are covered at Unleashing Vitality), but it will start to train your mind to be more open to them. So here’s the practice;

Think of a situation that is a problem to you. Look at it through each Eye;

The Innocent Eye: See it with childlike curiosity, with a ‘know-nothing’ mind. Notice just the pure facts about what is happening; place, actions, actual behaviours, etc. See the situation completely without judgement. See it ‘freshly’ ‘newly’.

The Integrative Eye: Still seeing with the first Eye, how does this problem fit into the grand scheme of things? What are the connections, the systems it’s a part of? How is this synergistic or holistic?

The Sacralising Eye: Still seeing with the first two Eyes, see the problem as amazing, wonderful. See it with a sense of awe and wonder. See it as rich, funny, mysterious and as something to love and be amazed by.

The Transformative Eye: Still seeing with the first three Eyes, what can you actually do to change it? What action plan can you make, what choices can you create for yourself? Resist any cultural norms (legally!) that don’t serve you. Make a firm decision to change this problem. What is that decision?

So how was that for you? What new learnings or insights come to mind? Leave a comment below and if you’re curious about the training, just hit ‘reply’ drop me a line.

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