Look Younger & Live Longer with Hypnosis

  • Do you frown when you concentrate?
  • Do you grit your teeth or purse your lips when paying attention to something or someone?
  • What’s your ‘normal’ face?

Take a moment – right now – and check; what muscles are tight in any part of your body? Are your shoulders, arms, neck or stomach tense? Most importantly, what’s the muscle tension like in your face, around your eyes, brow, lips, etc.? There’s a saying that goes,

“By the time a man [or woman] reaches 40 his life is written on his face”

A wise saying indeed, but what exactly does it mean? Well, from a practical point of view our skin has started to lose its elasticity by the time we reach 40 (a lot sooner than that if you’re a smoker) so all of the smile, scowl and frown lines will become etched into your skin and leave you with a face that’s easily read. It’s unavoidable. And we all notice that when we look at people’s faces; we can tell if we like them, if they look happy and approachable – or if they have a face that looks like a bulldog chewing a wasp!

All of those tell-tale lines are the result of a lifetime of habituated moods. So is your life generally happy, relaxed and contented; or stressful, upset and angry? Because those moods will be showing on your face and they will be leaving their mark. Negative emotions also detract from physical health and wellbeing by raising blood pressure, increasing stress, creating physical tension that results in muscle pain, back and necks aches, lowered immune functioning and generally draining you of energy for life. And it’s a fact that positive emotions such as happiness, relaxation and general contentment contribute to physical health and wellbeing by doing just the reverse; so general wellbeing means a longer and healthier life.

So where does hypnosis come into all of this? Well, as far as looking younger, simply experiencing hypnosis relaxes not just the large muscles groups but relaxes the general tension held in the jaw and facial muscles, giving you that peaceful and serene look we only usually get when sleeping (not that hypnosis is sleep – it isn’t). And it’s not just while in hypnosis that the muscles relax and the other benefits are felt; the positive and beneficial overall emotional states that people get afterwards in day-to-day life keeps that positive state and contributes to their overall health and longevity (there’s a lot of neurobiology involved in this). But don’t wait until it’s too late – we all know ‘prevention is better than cure’.

Hypnosis with a skilled hypnotherapist can help in overcoming negative experiences, phobias, hypnotic2ringstraumas and general anxieties that leave those worry lines and cause ill health. Does that mean that you need to be depressed, traumatized or anxious to benefit from hypnosis? NO! I practice self-hypnosis regularly and I still hear from a number of past clients (and non-clients) who regularly listen to my Relaxation and Stress Relief audio simply as a matter of course to either set them up for the day, or wind down at night. Others use them as a wonderful ‘time out’ or ‘pamper treatment’ – a mental massage as positive and rejuvenating to the mind as a physical massage is to the body.

Health and wellbeing, as we all know, is a holistic pursuit. And as part of an overall mind-body detox, hypnosis is a great addition to your routine.

To find out more about how hypnosis can help you, drop me a line talktoalan@optimum-mind.com and leave a question or comment below.

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