How to get rid of barriers and become… Limitless

I know that what I can do for you gets you very real results – and can even transform your life. I’m only gonna mention that very briefly here. But before that, a quick personal story that was triggered last night…

You see I got a couple of ‘congratulations’ via LinkedIn for it being 4 years that I’ve been on the ISNS Global Leadership Team. I remember the occasion well; to get an invitation from L.Michael Hall PhD and such a respected group of leaders at the first ISNS International Conference in Michael’s home town in Colorado was amazing. I remember it was summed up (in some ways) by the movie I watched on the flight home. It was called ‘Limitless’. The story was about an unsuccessful writer with writers’ block whose life was falling apart; no money, broken relationship, etc… the usual Hollywood stuff.

Then by chance he comes across an amazing drug that helps to unlock his minds potential; he develops excellent memory and recall, is able to access an expanded awareness of his environment, notice the subtlest changes in people’s physiology and ‘read’ people with amazing accuracy. He easily creates great relationships, his career takes a turn, he’s able to focus, motivate himself and generate new ideas, learn new information and languages easily, read and comprehend beyond anything he thought possible. He becomes rich, successful and even becomes a Senator heading for Presidency… Wow, what a drug!

change1But of course, as in all Hollywood tales, there’s a sinister side to it all; side effects to the drug, villains chasing him and scandals. Excellent stuff for a Hollywood movie, but no one could actually unleash that kind of potential in their life… could they?

I remember thinking, despite the rate of and ‘instant access’ to these skills our hero had via the drug and all of the hype that makes for good entertainment; what exactly is it that he is able to do? The answer; nothing special! Nothing that the average person wouldn’t be able to achieve given time and the right training. All this hypothetical wonder drug had done was to let him to use his brain more efficiently.

All of the above mentioned skills are readily available to everyone who simply understands a little NLP, Neuro-Semantics or Self-Actualisation Psychology and applies it to running their own brain. All of the above skills are actually skills that are taught at NLP and Neuro-Semantic trainings; state management, sensory acuity, accelerated learning, memory enhancement – and all with no nasty side effects! The only side effects are more happiness, more resilience, deeper relationships and a more meaningful life. For some, more money, greater success at business… it all depends where they apply it. So are you ready to unleash your brain and become limitless? And what are you going to do about it?

You could do a training or get some coaching? Either way, you’ve got to start somewhere. Which one’s best for you? and let me help you create the life and potential that you’re capable of – but might not even realise yet. I’ve got the Advanced Communication Skills Workshop coming up where you’ll learn to ‘Run your brain, body and life’ very soon, or we could do some 1-on-1 coaching?

Now I’ve got a question for you. What’ve you learned that significantly changed your life in an amazing way? Leave a comment below and share your success the more you talk about it, the more you keep it alive and resent in your life!

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