Video: Be very careful with big ginger cats!

Life, eh?! There’s always hassles in life, it’s just the way it is. But some things just never seem to go away! Do you ever wonder why some problems never seem to get fixed and just keep coming up over and over again? I’ve had problems like these that have actually cost me money and even broken some of my relationships.

You know the ones; that constant issue at work that never goes away. The same argument at home that’s never resolved? These things can grind away at our resilience and really bring us down over time.

But hey, I found that there’s an answer! A really simple one that most people miss but that really helps. Check out the video below to see what I mean.

But before you do, listen for the bit where I talk about how important it is to “ask questions to accurately define…” And think about it, in order to deal with problems you have to first understand where others are coming from and create the relationship ‘in the moment’ where it’s safe so further arguments and conflicts don’t arise. These two key skills are all taught at the Advanced Communications training Coaching Essentials on the 28-30th Aug… along with a heap of other stuff. and book your slot before it fills up.

And after you’ve watched the video, leave a comment below and let me know of the strategies you use to solve life’s problems, I’m always wanting to learn more.



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