Another bloody earthquake!

To all my NZ friends – and everyone else.

It gets a bit wearing doesn’t it? Another bloody earthquake! We’ve been through it all before; broken crockery and property, tsunami warnings and disruptions to work and life in general.

But apart from the material damage, please be aware of the insidious, ever grinding psychological stress. Because that continues on long after the earth has stopped moving. The tectonic plates of mental stress can make us grumpy, short tempered, scared, and give us tunnel vision to logic and isolate us from the feelings of others.

This short post has a simple message;

Please be kind and patient with yourself and your loved ones!

When the quake is over, stress can remain. If not for you then certainly for someone else. You personally might not have been phased by the wobble but it’s not just about you. Recognise that worry, and fear about any number of things can often show itself as frustration and anger. And, even frustrated feelings of love can often be expressed as anger or rage. That person you’re dealing with isn’t angry at you, they’re just insecure and venting their fear on you. Be thankful they love you or trust you enough to express themselves to you.

And if you’re the grumpy one… look behind the anger or resentment for what’s really driving your behaviour. It could be that you want that person to understand your concerns so much that you’re pushing the point, shouting or nagging. Recognise that behind that frustration is love… you love them that much!  So tell them that!… “I’m angry because I love you so much, I care deeply about you, I just want you to be aware and safe!”

This advice isn’t just for earthquakes, it’s for anything that causes a stressful wobble in your life. If you want more advice, strategies or tools, check out the other articles and videos on my website. And of course, if you have any questions just drop me a line,

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