Meet Alan

 It took me ages to find my passion and start living it. And the wake up call to do it nearly killed me – literally!

Hello, thanks for swinging by. I’m Alan and I’ve got some great ways to help you out. Nowadays, I help individuals overcome daily hassles like depression, anxiety, trauma, phobias and all kinds of problems. I empower people to stop smoking, lose weight and become healthier and more excited about life.

  • I help people build resilience in the face of adversity
  • I take stress management to a whole different level so that stress isn’t an issue
  • I help people who feel out of control, become more powerful in their mind and actions
  • I help Mums and Dads overcome their overwhelm
  • I help executives and entrepreneurs  deal with problems (big and small) and reignite their passion and motivation
  • I help personnel in companies to become more engaged
  • I help sports men and women with their peak mental game that really ups their actual performance
  • Basically, I offer practical solutions to almost every kind of ‘people issues’

I also work with many government and non-government organisations with their people, engagement and cultural development needs. From one-on-one coaching with managers and executives to world renowned training in resilience, communication, innovation and leadership.

But let me tell you how it all came about… I was a bit shy at school, not that confident or outgoing. Pretty average grades too, and left school with nothing much to show for it. I did un-skilled manual labour type jobs, did some travelling when I was young and then settled for several years back in my lovely home in the West Country in the UK.

Then, in 1995 an accident at work almost severed my left arm. I suffered 45% blood loss and almost bled to death. If it wasn’t for the amazing emergency services (the medics who tourniqueted my arm at the shoulder and put in three lines of plasma to stop my veins and arteries collapsing, and the helicopter crew who flew me to emergency surgery) …I’d be dead. And equal gratitude goes to the incredible surgeons who managed to save my arm from being amputated. It still doesn’t work properly; never will.

Well, that put paid to my career as a part-time soldier in the British Territorial Army (top of my class) and my career as a glazier – funnily enough!

And it brought a lot of emotional trauma with it too; alcohol abuse, drug abuse, violence and an extremely low point in my life that lasted several years. The tolls on my health and relationships were awful. The point came when I said to myself “damn, I really need to sort my life out”…

“When I found NLP and Neuro-Semantics, they literally saved my mental and emotional life”

But even during the bad times, the emotional turmoil didn’t stop me doing stuff. After my accident recovery therapy had finished, I spent five years backpacking around the world gaining “real life” experience. ‘People‘ fascinated me and I learned to connect with them on many levels. I eventually settled in my  stunningly beautiful new home – New Zealand. I became a Master Scuba Diver Trainer with PADI and continued my love of martial arts; getting my ‘black belt’ and teaching Muay Thai kick boxing. Heck, if you’re going to do something, why not aim to be the best, right? But I still hadn’t found my purpose and passion.

So after hitting such major low points in my own life, my overriding passion became to help others achieve their best.  After all if I can help everyone I meet become the best they can be, then I get to hang out with some pretty awesome people! If the work I do could bring me from the brink of self-destruction to happiness, it can most certainly help others do the same.

The pursuit of excellence and sharing led me to the study ‘Human Potential’ itself – Self Actualisation Psychology & Neuro-Semantics, NLP, Hypnosis and Meta-Coaching©. I’ve been working with people and successfully helping others to make awesome changes in their personal and professional lives since 2003. My passion for learning, teaching and helping others to “unleash their potential” continues. I’m a lifelong learner and even a Doctor of Clinical Hypnosis – with a Distinction – never thought a country boy like me with just average grades at school would ever be able to say that (another testament to Neuro-Semantics and NLP)

I trained as a Trainer with the International Society of Neuro Semantics (ISNS) in 2007 under theISNS direct guidance of Dr L. Michael Hall PhD, the developer of Neuro-Semantics and graduated the top of my class.  I’ve now completed my four year (plus!) ‘Master Trainer’ internship  and am currently one of only six Neuro-Semantic Master Trainers globally. This achievement is definitely something I’m proud of.

IANLPI’m also a ‘Fellow Member Trainer’ with the International Association of NLP (IANLP) and ‘Coach IANLP’; one of only a handful in all of Australasia. IANLP is widely recognised as the world standard for NLP with strict criteria for membership ensuring the highest possible training standards and qualifications for you.

Following my Trainers training, I’ve continued to study Self Actualisation Psychology and Coaching with Dr Hall and am a member of the ISNS and Meta-Coaching Global Leadership Team, and am a recognised leader in the field. As part of my role in this team I’m leading out the Self-Actualisation trainings worldwide along with Michael (Dr Hall) and Mandy Chai of Hong Kong.

*But please note… I’m not saying all this to impress you, but to impress upon you that as a coach, not only have I trained to the highest standards, but I’ve been to some horrible places in my own life too; so I get where you may be at, and I can help. I also know what it takes to get from ‘average’ to exceptional. And training with me gives you the security of knowing your trainer is trained, experienced and backed by world class standards.

Overall I consider myself to be just an average bloke. I’ve been told I’ve got a very engaging, entertaining, down to earth style and can turn complex ideas into easy to understand practical tools. Well, I do like making things easy and having a laugh!

And I’m always happy to chat and make new friends – just drop me a line!

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